Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sore shoulder

    Not much to report today, I've woven in the loose ends on the pipe and tobacco tin pouch. I still need to finish off sewing up the bottom of the pipe pouch and I need to get a button for the tin pouch so I know how large to make the loop. I didn't do any weaving due to my shoulder. Its a constant dull throb in my right shoulder, very annoying.

   A slug or snail has been at my large tobacco plant but luckily it hasn't done much damage, just one leaf and its not eaten much. I've put down some more fresh bait and will start going out again at night with the sugar. I'm also going to try some dry dog food as well. The plant is still looking good though, the stems pretty thick now and its growing in height too.

  Thats all for today, hope you all have a great day. Take care folks. 

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