Saturday, 14 May 2011

Bloggers back.

   Sorry about there being no posts the last two days but blogger has been having some issues with some posts vanishing all together. You'd think I'd use the time to write some spare posts or get some things done but the truth is I haven't really gotten much done the last few days, just kicking back relaxing apart from the garden and my war on slugs and snails. The slugs and snails are winning at the moment, I'm waiting on an order of organic slug pellets but for now its a beer trap and a wander around the garden late at night with the torch and salt.

  Still not finished the pipe pouch but am ready to knit the yarn over row for the eyelets then its two more rows of ribbing and it will be finished, well it will need one end sewing and weaving in as well. The clothespin peg bag has fallen by the way side though part of its still on the needles I've forgotten what I was doing with it. I know I had big plans for some cables but remember those weren't working out and now can't remember what I changed. I think I decided to weave the clothespin peg bag in the end.

   Short post today while I check some things, not sure what other plans I have for today. I think I'll warp the frame loom and make a start on that clothespin peg bag and maybe do some weaving on the inkle loom, oh and get the pipe pouch finished and start the pouch for the tobacco tin. Guess I do have plans for this weekend after all.

  Have a great weekend, take care folks.

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