Friday, 27 May 2011

Shoulders better

   My shoulders better, couple of pain killers and a hot bath sorted it out right smart. Not sure what I'd done to it, probably slept on it funny.

  Got a new book on weaving today, ordered it from the USA. I've not read it yet but skimming over it it looks like the book I've needed since I first started weaving. Nina Holland, The Weaving Primer, A complete guide to inkle, backstrap and frame looms.

  Talking of weaving I still haven't finished the inkle band I've been working on. Talking of not finished, I've not finished sewing up the pipe pouch either. I did make a start on an Icord though, I love knitting Icords.

  Not sure what my weekend plans are, guess I should finish the inkle band, read my new book and knit more of the Icord. I'd like to get a little spinning done as I've been neglecting it for awhile now.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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