Monday, 16 May 2011

Pipe pouch finished.

   I've finished knitting the pipe pouch, it still needs sewing up and weaving in, and made a start on the tobacco tin pouch. For the tin pouch I'm using the yarns the other way around, the greens to start and for the knit rows and the other yarn for the knit and slip rows. Not sure how it will turn out, about to start on the first yarn change and knit and slip row.

  Nothing else done yarn wise over the weekend. I have just won a bid on loom that looks to be a rigid heddle child's loom, I'm not 100% sure if it is or if its any good but it was a bargain so what the hey.

  The next few days I'm going to work on my knitting to finish the tin pouch asap and also weave in and sew up the other pouch. I really need to get some spinning done and some more weaving too. The inkle loom is still half warped, I think I'll wait until I get the new loom and work on the clothespin peg bag then.

   My war with the slugs and snails has stepped up a gear, I've laid down the organic bait but feel I've lost the potatoes for this year. A couple of the tobacco plants have been hard hit as well but one is doing amazingly well, the leaves are almost as big as my head now, not sure if I want to let this one go to seed for its genes or to smoke it all. I'll have to ask a tobacco growing friend.

  Hope you all had a good weekend, have a great day and take care folks. 

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