Monday, 30 May 2011

Weaving the clothespin peg bag.

   Started to weave the clothespin peg bag on Saturday. I wasn't sure on how I wanted to do the piece so decided to do it in two pieces, the front and back. The other way would of been back, bottom front as one piece folded and top front as the second piece. Both ways so that I can have a hole in the middle of the front to get the clothespins pegs out.

   The way I'm weaving the front at the moment the split I've put in runs vertical, I'm not sure of any other way to do a split. I'll turn the front around once done so the split will run horizontal. This is the first time I've woven a split so its a little untidy. All part of learning.

   If I had woven the other way with the back and bottom front piece folded over then sewn the top front piece it would of made a nicer hole to get the pegs out. Hope all this is making sense, think a couple of drawings might of helped.

  The finished clothespin peg bag will have a hole at the top to put a coat hanger in so it can be hung from the washing line. Whilst planing what to do I hadn't thought this through but once I started weaving I decided to leave one half of the top open and use two buttons to close it. Other wise I don't think you could get the coat hanger in and out, it will also make it easier to fill with pegs than using the hole in the middle. For this I'm going to extend the back on one side for the buttons so that the cloth folds over, so that the coat hanger isn't resting on the button yarn. I think it will be stronger this way.

  I've almost finished the front of the bag, the hole is done just need to weave a couple more inches then I can start the back.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

ETA I just did a couple of drawings but can't work out the format so can't post them. I'll post pictures once I've finished the bag and might have a go at weaving the bag again the second way.

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