Monday, 9 May 2011

Weaving and knitting again.

    Well the poly tunnel is still here, it survived 30 mph gusts. I think it being so flexible helps but that doesn't help my plants weighting down the edges of the plastic, there leaves take a bit of a battering. Two of my tobacco plants are over 10 inches across with pretty broad leaves and all the tomatoes seem to be doing very well.

  I've started warping the inkle loom yesterday with the black and red nylon threads, I have the pattern I want in my head but when trying to put it to paper I couldn't do it so I'm not sure the pattern is possible. I will keep at it though, what ever pattern does turn out could be interesting.

  Almost finished off the pipe pouch, about 4 rows with eyelets should do it. Its pretty tight, all 3 of my pipes will fit in it but only the straight pipe fits really comfortable so I might knit another two for my bent pipes. I also need to knit another sock for my new tobacco tin, my old tins battered and its pouch is pretty battered as well.

  Hope you all had a great weekend, have a good day and take care folks.

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