Saturday, 24 July 2010

Weekend knitting, bbq & stuff.

Ok this will probably be my last update on the back pack for awhile,bet your glad about that, heh. I've done about an inch of the 3*1 rib and at the moment I prefer the wrong side which is ok because the double basket weave I've already done works on both sides. I'll update again when I'm doing the eyelets for the icord to help keep the backpack closed. I should of made my mind up about which side to use by then. Not 100% sure when that will be because I'm not sure on the size of the backpack yet, all depends on how much yarn I have. 
p.s don't forget to save enough for the shoulder straps.

I tested the email thing, didn't work with the email I gave but did work with another email, still not sure if it sends the whole post or just a notice,guess I'll find out after this goes up. I'm also looking at the AdSense and amazon ads to add to the blog, doubt I'll make any money but might boost my blog up in searches and increase my readership.

It didn't rain yesterday, Friday. I think that's the first time its not rained and has been sunny this month.I did want to have a bbq but didn't have time. Its pretty dull again today but dry so I might drag my old cast iron bbq out. Not gonna do anything fancy just a couple of burgers, not really had many chances to have a bbq this year. I normally have lots, my first one this year was back in February. Cold weather but yummy food.

The batteries are charging for the camera so I'll take some pictures tomorrow. Swatch, newsboy hat, and the back pack so far.Also have the last bookmark I knitted on there to upload. I'll do a post next week on one of my past finished projects that already have pictures done. I think it will be the two scarfs I did as last years Christmas presents.

Hope you all have a great relaxing weekend.

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