Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Christmas already???

I always seem to finish late when knitting presents and probably should of started knitting Christmas presents around January, 2009 or maybe earlier. I sort of know what I want to knit,which is a very good start. I say I know what I want to knit but that could easily change, the back pack I'm doing at the moment I'm not sure who its for yet. Other things I want to knit are a newsboy hat, I'll do a post on that soon cos I recently finished a newsboy/bakers boy hat. I want to do a tartan scarf, put pen to paper and planned in my head and have two possible versions I could do. If anyone knows of any tartan scarf patterns it would be a big help to mention em in the comments, or any knitted tartan patterns.
Hmmm that's only two things, plus the backpack.I guess I don't have all my presents thought out yet.

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