Friday, 9 July 2010


No much going on this year, not planted anything new. Kinda glad I didn't really, hosepipe/garden hose ban came into force here today. £1000 fine for breaking it. Also my biggest water butt/tank has a slow leak on the bottom somewhere,having trouble finding and fixing it.
Only seeds I did buy were swiss chard. It does look like some potatoes are coming up in my corner compost heap. Got 3 apples on my two potted apple trees, didn't get any last year but the year before I got a couple of juicy full sized apples, must plant the trees out in the garden this fall. My strawberries from last year are doing fine and taste better, lovely little alpines. The herbs are doing ok apart from the mint, both pots of spear and pepper mint are struggling but the rest are doing fine, even the garlic chives that were slow to get started last year are bunching nicely. As always my parsley and sage are doing great, think it would take a nuke to slow those two down.
Next year I'm planing on growing some tabacco plants, looks simple enough, think its the curing that will be harder. Anyone has any adivce on growing and curing tabacco chime in in the comments.

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