Thursday, 29 July 2010

Oh my God they killed the internet

Been reading a lot lately about the Americans cutting off the Internet and it seems to have confused some folks who thought the www was indestructible. What the powers that be can do is shut off dns, domain name servers. These are the web page addresses you see in your browser. You can get by without these written addresses by using there ip numbers. What you need to do is get a list of all the ip addresses of your needed and favorite websites and save / write them down somewhere. 
  Google/search dns look up for sites that let you trace/look up ips dns stuff  and put the website in and you will get an IP number that you can put into your browser and that will take you to the page. I put in this blog but it only comes up with the IP for google, the owners of the blog. I'd need to buy my own domain name for it to work for the blog.
   Some ip's you should have are news sites you trust, .gov sites, chat sites, forums and banking sites. I think bank sites are important because I can see it being a big reason for the .gov to switch off the dns servers to stop runs on banks, think Northern rock. News and .gov so you can find out information and chat sites so you can share and really find out whats going on.
   I'm not the best for explaining stuff on here, if you don't understand anything let me know in comments or email me and I'll see if I can do a better job. Nows the time to figure this stuff out, before they switch off the dns servers.

    I'll get you started, any one wants to add to this list please put it in comments and I'll update it.
  • or    both are for google. 
  • BBC public service msg
  • Sky. com
  • Accuweather
I'll keep updating the site as I go along and think of more addresses to add but don't rely on my list being here if the dns is closed unless I buy a domain name, you need to make your own list to store.

ETA Been awhile since I had to do this, seems you can only find the front pages of web sites. I.e bbc front page not bbc news. Once at the front page you can navigate around the site no problems, just thought I'd mention it to make it easier for when your looking up the ip's.

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