Thursday, 29 July 2010

Finshed part of the backpack.

Finished the front, sides of the back pack today. Did a hem on the top that will cover the icord so it took me a little longer. Not sure what the cast off, bind off, method is called. k2tog or p2tog then slip the stitch back onto the left needle and repeat, produces a looser edge than a normal cast off.
 Still haven't come up with a good idea for adjusting the straps, all the ones I've looked at on the net are just sewn on. I'm thinking maybe 2 buttons might be strong enough, maybe... Not sure really what I'm going to do, no rush for now.
 Will pin the backpack together so I can get a better idea on the flap, will take some pictures before I sew it all together so I can show what I've done. Might even be finished this weekend, don't count on it though.

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