Saturday, 10 July 2010

Current Project, knitting...

Should say current projects really as I've still not finished those socks, oh well maybe they'll be ready for winter. Working on a small backpack at the moment, not using a pattern as is my way most of the time so not sure how it will turn out. Currently working the base in heel st,
(WS) S1, P row
(RS) *S1,K1, Repeat from *

The slip sts are done purl wise, ie insert the needle tip purl wise and slip the st.

It gives it some padding and strength. The back and closing flap will be 1*1 rib and the front and sides 3*1 rib, I think, maybe, errr, not sure yet. The yarn is a nice cotton caramel with a black strand running through it, the caramel stands out much more than the black, will post pics when I have some.

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