Saturday, 24 July 2010

bbq & rain, a typical English post.

Well that didn't go according to plan. It went dull and started drizzling on and off but I really did want a bbq. Decided to put the chimney on the large chimera, the things cast iron and nearly 6 feet tall. Don't cook with it all that often as it can be a pain and hot, darn hot,but it is good for cooking in when its drizzling because the foods covered.Its great for fires too, will burn wood and coal. Took the winter bags off it to put the chimney on and it smelled funny, no not funny more a gross smell. I season it with lard to help keep the rain from rusting it, even tho its covered most of the time. My little dinky chimera is out in the rain all year round and apart from the feet there's no rust on it at all, so it does work. I don't cook in the small chimera but do burn it a lot and occasionally boil water on the chimney.

So the inside of the large chimera is somewhat mouldy, and smelly. Probably not a safe eating environment. Started a nice big fire going in it and put some of my newspaper bricks on. Should burn nice and hot for a couple of hours and kill everything. Will clean it tomorrow, fun and joy.

Did my burgers on my wagner cast iron pan in the kitchen, tastes fine but just isn't the same really. Still, its nice eating and watching a roaring fire while having a pint of home brew lager. This batch has turned out very well. I've had alot of trouble making a decent tasting lager. Bitters and ales are fine but the lagers can be tricky because of the temperature.

Haven't got much knitting done, managed 4 rows. Not sure I'll be able to knit anymore later, I might be too mellowed from the lager.

Hope the weathers better for you folks, have a great rest of the weekend.

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