Thursday, 22 July 2010

Back pack dilemmas.

I've finished 2 rows of double basket weave stitch on the backpack. When I say rows I really mean I've done two bands of double basket weave, i.e 36 rows. Now I really have to decide what I want to do for the rest. Do I carry on with double basket weave or go onto 3*1 rib like I had originally planed. Or is there something else I could do? I was looking around the web last night at different ribbing patterns and came across a nice one I hadn't seen before, Waving rib. Not sure I want to do it for the back pack but its good to know for future projects. Maybe I'll knit up a swatch and see what it looks like then decide.

I did come across a blog while looking more into waving rib and found this a year in stitches . It hasn't been written for over a year but I think it was a good idea to do all those swatches, not sure she completed them all. I've borrowed this picture of waving rib from her site, thank you.

I think it looks pretty good both sides. The back sort of looks like basket weave, been a while since I knit basket weave so can't remember what the back of that looks like but don't think it looks like waving rib.

I don't have the readers to justify a poll but what the heck, it doesn't cost anything and its fun to play. Besides I really can't make my mind up which is a problem because I should be knitting right now instead of sitting here thinking woolly thoughts. 
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Please vote and comment,thanks for the help. 

ETA. I will do a swatch and replace the picture with one of my own when I have the time.

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