Friday, 30 July 2010


  Just been to do my weekly shop at asda and there very small selection of camping stuff is on its final sale.Picked up those canisters of gas 4 for £3 and got a metal, alu, 1l water bottle with cheap carabiner on the cap. The bottles say you can't use them for carrying fuel and looking inside the colours are different than my msr fuel bottle, still its nice to have a cheap strong water bottle to add to my collection.
 The gas canisters, look like aerosol cans, are great at that price. I don't often buy them unless there very cheap like today because I have so many of them. Each one will burn on full for approx 4 hours. I have two single burners that take them as well as a heater.

I need to sort out some pictures and I'll have a later post for you on the front part of the back pack, so pop by again later to have a look.

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