Friday, 23 July 2010

Blog stuff & a bit of knitting

I was playing around with the blog last night trying to figure out how everything works. I've set up a email subscription service that will email you when I post, not sure if it sends the full post or just a notice. I'm still testing it at the moment and will probably know the answers after I post this. Almost set up a feed thingy, will work on that more when I have the time.I did manage to set up a paypal donate button, so if you want to treat me to some nice yarn please donate.

Guess I should of done the poll awhile back. I've decided on a 3*1 rib pattern. Just completed a purl ridge after the two bands of double basket weave and will start the 3*1 rib tonight or tomorrow. I found an old double basket weave swatch I did and will put that up soon as. Found a few swatches I did when I was first learning, might put those up as I go along, we'll see.

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