Monday, 11 July 2011

Woven keyfob done.

   I finished weaving and sewing together the key fob I wanted to make for my sisters birthday, it took two days to weave because the tension bar on my inkle loom kept coming loose so I had to glue it and wait for it to dry fully. I glued the screw not the bar, so it still moves.

   That's all I managed to do this weekend. I did play with some braiding so I can make better fringes, I need to do a lot of practising there. I also thought about the phone sock I want to knit. I want to make the phone sock pretty thin so it fits my back pocket easily and I also don't want it to muffle the phone either so was thinking about some lace knitting around the speaker. I think slip stitch colour work would still make a thin cover, I've no idea how to incorporate the lace work into it though. I don't want all over lace for the front, just around the speaker part so the cover keeps the dust and what not out of the keys and off the screen. Any ideas are welcome.

  Hope you all had a great weekend, have a great day and take care folks.  

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