Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Flooded kitchen

   A bit of a disaster in the kitchen yesterday, a pipe blew off while the plumber was finishing up and flooded the kitchen. I've borrowed a de humidifier and am using the cooker for heat to help dry everything out. Not a happy day all in all.

  I made a start on knitting my phone sock in a grey sock yarn but forgot to adjust the pattern for the thinner yarn or change my needle size up so its too small, a silly mistake. I've only done two rows so its not so bad, I'll frog it and extend the border pattern a couple of stitches.

  Not much else to blog about today, I'm off to wash and dry towels. Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.


small farm girl said...

Did the plumber help clean up? lol

half_pint said...

Hi farmgurl, no not as much as I would of liked. It should all be dry today sometime, as long as I have not more plumbing problems. Its been a hell of a mess the last month or so with very little to no running water most of the time.