Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tobacco leaves.

   I harvested some tobacco leaves last week and had them hung up in the dark in the spare front bedroom and thought they had gotten a black mold on then so I took them down today to wash in  weak white vinegar solution. They weren't moldy it was just the poor light and the way there changing colour. I still washed them and rinsed them off in clean water and now have them hanging on the washing line to dry. I also picked another leaf and have that hung up to. I'll bring them in later and hang them up in the back bedroom but I think the first leaves are pretty much done. I'm not 100% sure what to do once its dried, whether it really does need fermenting or as some folks say just smoke it. 

  I've decided the go with the crossed arrow cable design for my phone sock, still not too sure about the back but might go with moss/seed stitch. I had to download the pattern again, I do have the pattern written down because I've knitted the crossed arrow cable twice before but I couldn't work it out, I guess I'll have to write more clear instructions next time.

  Hope you all have  great day, take care folks.

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