Monday, 1 August 2011


   Had a little bit of rain overnight and into the morning, nothing much really. Certainly not enough to put more than a drop or two into the barrel. Its very muggy out but I still put a thin jacket on due to the rain when I walked the dog. I think wearing the jacket made me get more wet than if I had run around naked. A nice breeze about now blowing through the house sure would be good.

  I got a little spinning done over the weekend but nothing else yarn wise was done. I need to find a couple of washcloth patterns so I can get back into knitting, will start that today. I've moved my long rug/mat back into the kitchen now its fully dry so I can now get at the chair I do my weaving on, now I just have to get into the mood for weaving.

  Hope you all had a great weekend, have a great day and take care folks.

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