Saturday, 20 August 2011

Two down.

   Caught another mouse yesterday and now know there is at least one more, probably more than one. I figure a mother came into the house to give birth so maybe 6 to 8 in total?? I don't think the male sticks around after mating so probably just this family unit, if I can get them all quick there shouldn't be any long term problems, just hope I already have the mature female or that she hasn't already mated again. Not sure when the young are ready for mating, I could look the information up but I'd sooner spend my time killing the buggers.

  Ordered some split rings to make keyrings with so this weekend I might warp the inkle loom and start making some keyring lengths. My sister really liked the keyring I wove for her, she put it on her keys straight away. I didn't take any pictures but i still have some of the inkle band left over, I'll take pictures and post them to the blog. Its been a long time since I last did a picture post

  Hope you all have a great weekend, take care folks.

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