Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wet and lazy week

   Ello folks, slow lazy wet week and nothing to blog about. I'm still weaving this darn scarf and having trouble with the edges on one side, I'm not sure but I think I might of messed up when I warped it. I think I warped it left to right then cut and threaded the holes right to left, not sure if that's a problem or not but the warps sort of look wrong at the back winding peg thing. The edge on one side isn't perfect but that's down to me and lack of experience, the other edge is very messy and I'm not sure why. The messy edge could be I have warped the scarf wrong, I seem to remember reading somewhere about using odd or was that even numbers of warps, maybe that's the problem. I need to read more me thinks.
   I'll keep at it until its finished and even though this one project has taken much longer than it should of done I'll jump straight back on the horse and weave another project making sure I warp, cut and thread all the same direction. Will try and find out if I need even or odd number warps too. Not sure what the next project will be, am thinking of dinner place mats for my moms birthday but will depend on what yarn I have around the house. I'd really like to weave something in a variegated yarn like my last project, that one was so much more fun than this one but that's probably because it went well with very few mistakes. Got lucky I guess.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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