Thursday, 9 February 2012

Future projects.

  Ello folks. No knitting today but I did get much more done yesterday than I had planned. I think two more inches on the pocket and it will be done, or maybe I'll add an extra inch. I figure by the weekend this pocket will be finished and I'll have made a start on the second one. Don't want to put a time on it but I think I can finish both pockets and have them sewn onto the moss / seed stitch scarf by Monday. Famous last words.

  Once I've finished this late Christmas scarf I should start to weave a scarf, another late Christmas present, but think I'll spin up some yarn and knit myself some fingerless gloves. The weathers been really cold here so think the fingerless gloves are more important and they will take me awhile, couple hundred yards of yarn, 3ply, no dying and I think about a weeks worth of knitting. Should be able to get them finished before the end of Feb.

  Once I have my fingerless gloves done then I can get onto weaving the other scarf, going to be a very late Christmas present. Its the thought that counts. Planning on a balanced weave using a variegated double knit yarn. No idea how it will turn out but should be interesting.

  Hope you all have a great day, take care folks.

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