Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Long way to go.

  Ello folks, I haven't really got anything to blog about. The new seed/moss stitch scarf is coming along slowly, got about 4 inches done so far. I'm only doing little bits of it here and there, think it will progress much faster if I could sit down one day and have a real crack at it but just not had the time this week. Maybe this Wednesday I can put some real time into it, or maybe start one of the other projects I've been meaning to get on with.

  I really wish I had already spun and knitted my fingerless gloves, its freezing tonight. Had to crack ice on the dogs outside drinking water. I'll have to start spinning soon as its going to take awhile because I want to do a 3 ply yarn. Had an urge to get the rigid heddle loom out the other day, or should I say night as it was around 11pm. I've just not been in the mood to do any weaving during the day but making a start late at night isn't the way to go. Once the looms warped it will be ok but I don't fancy warping the loom just before bed.

  Hope you've all had a good week, have a great day and take care folks.

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