Sunday, 18 March 2012

Quick updates.

  Ello folks, I've been slacking again and not posting to the blog. There isn't really much to post about, I've had to rip out the scarf I was knitting as the pockets for it are much smaller than I thought. I had been planing on giving this scarf to my sister as a late Christmas present but feel the pockets are too small for an adult so will give it to my niece next Christmas. Which means theres no real rush for me to finish it.

  I wove a phone pouch on the inkle loom for my mom, Mothering Sunday today, but its turned into a bit of a disaster. Well its not that bad really, I did buy her a candle as well. I wove a band at 3" but when folded and sewn over inside isn't 3 inches so that's not going to work, I also folded it all wrong so the nicest part of the flap wasn't showing and I also forgot to sew the velcro tab on before I had sewn it all together. I really need to work on my hemming and sewing as well.

  Lessons learnt from trying to make the phone pouch on the inkle loom, I should of made two bands and sewn those together and I need to learn how to weave tubes and attach those instead of hemming. I was a bit rushed for time as usual, this project would of been a good one to try back strap weaving, even without doing fancy pick ups and what nots. Its her birthday in a couple of months, maybe I can get around to it before then.

  Hope you all had a good weekend, take care folks and have a great day.

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