Saturday, 10 September 2011

I'm back

   Sorry I've not blogged this week, I took a week off and forgot to mention it. There isn't a whole lot to blog about really, just some quick updates I guess. I should be back to blogging as usual next week.

  I think I have won the battle of the mice, I've not seen or heard any sign of mice for about a week. I think a couple of days of the poison being put out finished them off. I'll keep the poison down and keep an eye out but for now I think there gone. Just hope I don't get any more now the weather is cooling down.

   After starting to knit the scarf last week I had to stop, the needles and yarn weren't thick enough so the scarf wasn't wide enough. I ordered some tweedie chunky yarn and 6mm needles, got the yarn quick but the needles only arrived yesterday. I made a start again on the scarf yesterday, only a few rows but its coming along nicely.

  The weathers pretty warm today, a bit cloudy and windy though. Katia should be clipping the UK Sunday/Monday so the winds should pick up even more. The met office seem to be playing it down so I'm not sure how bad it will be. Last week we had gusts of 60mph, it was more like November than September.

  Hope you all have a great weekend, take care folks.

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